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“Highlight the Good” Mural Project Call for Proposals

The Thanks-Giving Foundation is commissioning a large mural to be displayed at Thanks-Giving Square. The theme of the project, “Highlight the Good,” will emphasizes benefits that result from the diverse cultural makeup of our community. This large temporary mural will reside next to the mosaic depiction of Norman Rockwell’s “Golden Rule” painting, one of the most important artistic statements on diversity ever expressed. The Thanks-Giving Foundation is requesting that artists interested in creating work for this space submit their proposal of interest. In November 2019 the finished mural will be unveiled with a special public ceremony. The “Highlight the Good” Mural Project at Thanks-Giving Square is sponsored by The Thanks-Giving Foundation, with support from the Jean Baptiste “Tad” Adoue III Fund at The Dallas Foundation.



Deadline to Submit: Sunday, August 31, 2019

Artist Fees: $10,000 (including materials, supplies, tools, etc)

Installation Date: November 1, 2019 (latest start date) through November 15, 2019 (latest completion date)

Contact: Kyle Ogden, President and CEO of The Thanks-Giving Foundation (kogden@thanksgiving.org)

The Thanks-Giving Foundation (TTGF) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to artists/artist teams interested in creating an original work of art on one wall at Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas. A temporary art wall will be constructed to cover an existing concrete wall on the western end of Thanks-Giving Square. TTGF is requesting that artists interested in creating work for this space submit their proposal of interest. The selected artist(s) will create work on-site and on the provided wall. At the end of the installation, the art piece will be owned and managed by TTGF. This includes, but is not limited to, full rights to sell, give or share the art piece as determined in the sole discretion of TTGF.


The Thanks-Giving Foundation (TTGF) will construct a large artist’s canvas on the wall at the western end of Thanks-Giving Square, reaching from just east of the “Golden Rule” mosaic to the end of the wall, and being roughly 55′ wide by 12′ tall. On this wall, we will commission a mural to be painted by local artists. The selection of artists will follow a proposal phase whereby the artist community will be invited to submit ideas to an Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of leaders of The Thanks-Giving Foundation plus a culturally diverse group of artists and creatives. The Selection Committee will provide guidance as needed. Any themes considered will uphold the wholesome values of The Thanks-Giving Foundation, will have an element of diversity and inclusion, and will “Highlight the Good.” The project will provide excitement for the community, will reinforce the role of The Thanks-Giving Foundation as an important contributor to the Dallas arts scene, and will drive traffic to the Square, neighboring businesses, and the downtown district. We expect the display to remain at least six months to one year, at which point we will either rotate to another round of artistic interpretations, or possibly de-install the project in favor of new priorities.

Desired Outcomes

  • Goal 1: We seek to bring a new group of visitors to Thanks-Giving Square.
  • Goal 2: We seek to reshape the image of Thanks-Giving Square from an idle green space to a vibrant, alive destination for those seeking thought provoking engagement.
  • Goal 3: We seek to awaken the younger element of the community to the tremendous resource for good that is Thanks-Giving Square. The intent of this project is to transform space and engage the public through a new place-based work. Artists are asked to propose projects that will be fully unveiled on or before November 15, 2019. The installation will be on display to the public for six to twelve months or more as determined at the sole discretion of TTGF. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work in a space of community importance, high visibility and to engage the city and neighborhood in your work.


The theme for the project is “Highlight the Good,” which emphasizes benefits that result from the diverse cultural makeup of our community. We expect to select a positive piece that celebrates the best in humankind. The artist is expected to interpret and express the theme in the art. It is important to consider that the new piece to be created will live alongside a large (~8’ x 8’) depiction of Norman Rockwell’s “Golden Rule” painting, one of the most important artistic statements on diversity ever expressed.

The selected artist will be expected to work collaboratively with TTGF to approve the final design of the public artwork. The artist will be responsible for designing and creating the work. TTGF will be responsible for constructing and installing the art surface. The selection panel will be open to a wide range of ideas, but there are several fundamental aims of the project that the selected artist/artist teams should keep in mind while designing artwork for the site. These include the importance of:

  • Conformance to the values of TTGF; nothing crude or vulgar will be permitted
  • Profound expression of the theme
  • Artistic and aesthetic merit of the work
  • Likelihood to generate public interest and thus traffic to view the piece
  • Artwork must be appropriate and responsive to the pedestrian-oriented streetscape environment
  • Low degree of maintenance of the work


The budget available for artwork (inclusive of artist fee, project design, all materials and supplies, drawings, and documentation) is $10,000. TTGF will provide and install the art wall surface. Upon artist selection, TTGF will fund $2,500, with the remaining $7,500 to be funded upon the timely completion of the project. TTGF may, at its sole discretion, reduce the artist fee (but not below the $2,500 initially funded) if the artist fails to complete the project by the agreed upon completion date.


Eligible artists must be 18 years or older and reside within 20 miles of Dallas. Please note: the selected artist/artist team must be available to begin design work immediately (Summer 2019).


Art Wall Surface

The art wall will consist of an approximately 55’ Wide x 12’ High paintable surface (surface of exterior wood or concrete material TBD). The wall is only viewable from a single side once installed. The artist/artist teams may propose a single piece or a series of pieces to cover the allotted space.

Paint and Other Materials

Please note that the wall will be installed outdoors. The paint selected must be a premium non-fading product able to weather the elements and direct sunlight for twelve months. The piece must be covered by an anti-graffiti coating to protect the art. Proposed paint and coating type, brand and source must be included with the RFP, and is subject to approval by TTGF.


TTGF will promote the artist on its social media, media releases, and public efforts. Selected artists are expected to be cooperative in publicity and media opportunities.


All RFP submissions must include:

  • Drawing(s) or painting(s) of the proposed art piece
  • Specifications, descriptions and sourcing of primers, paints and coating to be used
  • Proposed production timeline
  • Certificate of insurance


Applicants must possess the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Artists must reside within 20 miles of Dallas city limits.
  • It is preferred but not required that the artist/artist team represent ethnic/cultural diversity.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other design professionals, stakeholders and staff.
  • Experience working with durable materials specific to the outdoor environment.
  • Ability to understand a locale’s sense of place, and design in a context-sensitive manner.
  • Have demonstrated successful creative, innovative and effective approach in comparable projects.
  • Possess a proven mastery or skill in at least one artistic medium.
  • Insurance coverage sufficient to protect TTGF and all other constituents in TTGF’s sole discretion.

Selection will be based on:

  • Description of the project you would like to undertake, including how the project represents and interprets the theme;
  • The quality of your work, as demonstrated by your visual materials;
  • Suitability for the proposed piece to be exhibited alongside the “Golden Rule” Mosaic;
  • Past successful creative, innovative and effective projects;
  • The relativity between your project, the site and the chosen category; and
  • Your ability to meet the requirements and timing of the proposed project with the budget allocated ($10,000).


The selection panel for this project will consist of an oversight committee constituted by TTGF for the purpose of overseeing this project. The selection panel will review the submissions and select the artists for commission. The artists will work closely with the committee to finalize design. Once approved, the artists will proceed with creating the art.

*New works commissioned by The Thanks-Giving Foundation require that The Thank-Giving Foundation be listed as the commissioning organization. TTGF reserves the right to append certain identification, marketing and sponsor information to the art piece.