The Thanks-Giving Foundation operates Thanks-Giving Square and provides resources so that citizens from diverse backgrounds can use thanksgiving and gratitude as ways to heal divisions and enhance mutual understanding.

As an advocate of interfaith dialogue, the Thanks-Giving Foundation has organized international convocations and seminars to promote understanding, harmony, and friendship in a community of diverse faith traditions and cultures. Guests of Thanks-Giving Square include President Gerald Ford, the Dalai Lama, Rosa Parks,
Arun Gandhi, President George H.W. Bush, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Martin Luther King III, W. Deen Mohammed, and Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey. The Interfaith Council consists of representatives from 26 faith denominations, covering almost every major continent of the world.

In 1981, the Thanks-Giving Foundation collaborated with President Ronald Reagan and Ambassador Anne Armstrong to name the first Thursday in May the National Day of Prayer, reviving a long-dormant tradition. Confirmed by Congress in 1988, the annual event assembles civic, community, religious, government, and business leaders in a celebration of unity around prayer and gratitude inclusive of “all faiths in America.”

As a longtime United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Thanks-Giving Foundation inspired the U.N. to adopt the year 2000 as the “Year of World Thanksgiving.” In 2012, the Foundation received the Spirit of the United Nations Award for Youth Outreach.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Ogden

Board of Directors

Jennifer Altabef
Isabelle Collora
Christopher Trowbridge — Chair
John A. Cuellar
Mark Denesuk
Steven H. Durham
Ron Gafford
Jamal Gharbieh
Dan Jeakins
Noah Jeppson
Stan Levenson
Jack Lowe
Robert Kent
Harriet Miers
Almas Muscatwalla
Jud Pankey
Carol P. Seay
Mark Shank
David Stewart

Advisory Council

Jerry Arnold
Carl Bell
Trammell Crow
Gregory Davis
Ruben E. Esquivel
Louise Gartner
Don M. Glendenning
Cathy Stewart Moore
Sybil Novinski
Muriel Pinkus
Lysa Rohan
Ted Stone
Rose Marie Stromberg
Dr. Phil Williams, Jr.
Dr. Linus Wright

Former Directors and/or Advisory

Jan Hart Black
Edward O. Boshell
Douglas D. Bruton
Hassan I. Bukhari
Ben Casey
John R. Castle
James F. Chambers Jr.
Lee Coleman
Serena Simmons Connelly
Robert C. Connor
Louise Cowan
Charles G. Cullum
George Cullum
Bill Dean
Terry Flowers
Joseph M. Grant
John Grimes
Charles L. Gummer
Joe Hardt
William Hill
Walter Humann
Graceanna Jones
Robert Jordan
John S. Justin, Jr.
Amanullah Khan
Linda S. Lehner
Anita N. Martinez
Bill Matthews
Lee McAlester
Rodger R. Meier
Liz Minyard
Lydia Novakov
Erle Nye
Susan Pausky
Scott Peck
Kambiz Rafraf
Alan Steelman
Peter Stewart-Founder
Thomas Taylor
Eldon R. Vaughan
W. Ray Wallace
Ashley Wilson
Basil P. Xeros