The Thanks-Giving Foundation and its committees, panels, and initiatives have conducted research around the topic of celebrating humanity’s oneness in expressing gratitude to God.  Much of this research has been published to tell the story of the healing and uniting power of thanksgiving. Scholars, volunteers, and faith leaders working with The Thanks-Giving Foundation have historically gathered the creations and traditions of thanksgiving from cultures of every continent to inspire individual acts and expressions of thanksgiving.

Archives and Collections

In our archives are documented the activities of the Thanks-Giving Foundation and Thanks-Giving Square, its collections, and its community from before its establishment to the present day. The archives comprises photographs, books, artwork, and manuscripts tracing the traditions of thanksgiving in the United States and around the world. Special collections include presidential proclamations, content from world assemblies, and documents detailing the long partnership between the Thanks-Giving Foundation and United Nations.


The archives and collections are not available for on-site research at this time. Please contact our office for any special inquiries. Many photographs, films, and literature pieces are being digitized for improved access.