A statement from Faith Forward Dallas – Faith Leaders United for Peace and Justice: an initiative of Thanks-Giving Square

Faith Forward Dallas joins with all of our neighbors throughout Dallas in shock and grief and share our deepest condolences with the families of the brave police officers who were slain on July 7th. Nothing justifies this barbaric act.

We are saddened that a person chose the occasion of a peaceful protest to sow death, discord, and fear. As faith leaders united for peace and justice, we condemn these hateful acts in the strongest possible terms. We stand firm in our support of the men and women who keep us safe.

We also condemn the recent violence against citizens of Baton Rouge and St. Paul. Our communities have to be safe for all. We are upset that these acts of violence by a relatively small number of officers are pointed especially at black communities. Violence enacted with unreasonable force and suspect motives has no place in our society. We mourn with the families who continue to lose loved ones because prejudice so often clouds judgement, and we question whether we are addressing institutional racism in effective ways that will save lives.

We stand together with all of God's beloved people in our call for each of us to see the humanity in one another. We call on everyone to refuse to superimpose caricature over character and to truly treat each other as we would like to see our children, our mothers, fathers, our abuelas, ourselves, to be treated.

We must stand together. Too many lives are being destroyed, too many communities eroded by fear. We must hold our leaders accountable and seek cooperative support between churches, mosques, temples, local schools, parents, community leaders, and civic leaders to make peace possible. We must each act responsibly, proactively to affect positive change, and with hearts of compassion as we seek justice. Let us channel the frustration and anger we all share into a movement of love that has no bounds.