• Share your thanks. See notes others
    have written and then send one of your own.

  • A setting to inspire gratitude:
    a public place for meditation and reflection

  • An oasis in the heart of Downtown Dallas:
    programs and community events in a tranquil setting

  • New signage is coming to Thanks-Giving Square

Thanks-Giving Square is a park, chapel and museum operated by the non-profit Thanks-Giving Foundation.

This landmark space in the heart of downtown Dallas promotes the spirit and unifying value of giving thanks in our community, nation, and the world. The Foundation provides information and resources so that citizens from diverse backgrounds can use thanksgiving as a way to heal divisions and enhance mutual understanding.

Plan Your Visit

Enjoy the uniquely designed areas for meditation and reflection, as well as outstanding architectural structures.

Learn & Discover

Thanks-Giving Square hosts community events, guest lectures and inspirational programs for the public.

Get Involved

Council groups promote interfaith dialogue, global outreach and volunteer opportunities with Thanks-Giving Square and its partners.
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